"Unleash" – The Brightest Move by the Zayed University Graduates

“This is it!” Must be the sort of phrase that came out from many of the girls in the UAE and most likely from the girls spread all over the world in not too distant future.

This is, by far, one of the most courageous movements that have ever been initiated by the young girls in the UAE or even in the entire region. Such an endeavor it must have been to carry out a phenomenal action like this in a region.

Looking at this, I just believe that there must be so many fresh ideas, dreams and fruits that are yet to be discovered. The thing is that many of the youngsters nowadays (and I must admit that I am part of the group) carry full of potentiality but many would probably just wait till they- the buried treasures- are unearthed. These girls have however taken a big gutsy step to ‘Unleash’ what they are and everything they are.

‘Unleash’. The kind of move that just shouts at that we have to get ourself out there and just do what we have got to do. Who cares what people think or how much scuffle we get. Be brave and jostle through a crowd.

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